Full Aperture Filters


Sizes available: 
47mm, 50mm, 60-90mm, 127mm, 150-240mm, 168mm, 173mm

Polymer film features:
Optical density 5.0
Solar transmittance 0%
Ultraviolet light blocked >99%
ASTM and ISO certified

NEVER take pictures of a solar eclipse without the aperture filter properly installed as otherwise it could cause permanent injuries to both your eyes and your device;
Filters that are damaged or separated from their mountings should be discarded;
ALWAYS turn around and put down your device for a rest after taking pictures of the sun or an eclipse and always limit your continuous viewing to three minutes at a time;
NEVER let minors take pictures of eclipses with aperture filters without supervision;
ONLY clean with a soft cloth or tissue and store them at a safe place;
Discard your aperture filters after 10 years of use.