Welcome to Bookishbunny optical products for viewing the solar eclipses – paper glasses, plastic glasses, full aperture filters and threaded camera filters. We use only the best filter film in the world to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant viewing experience.

  • Apr 20, 2023, total solar eclipse / Australia, Antarctica, Southeast Asia

    Oct 14, 2023, annular solar eclipse / North America, Central America, South America

    Apr 8, 2024, total solar eclipse / North America

    Oct 2, 2024, annular solar eclipse / South America, Antarctic

    Feb 17, 2026, annular solar eclipse / South Africa, South America, Indian Ocean, etc. 

    Aug 12, 2026, total solar eclipse / Europe, North in Asia, Northwest Africa, etc.

    Feb 6, 2027, annular solar eclipse / Much of Africa, South America, Pacific, Atlantic

    Aug 2, 2027, total solar eclipse / Europe, Southwest Asia, Africa, East in North America, etc.